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Human Performance Project
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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  • date
  • location Lincoln, NE 68588
  • Open to Students, coaches and administrators
  • Registration Fee Individual: $400

The HPP Summer Session at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a chance to immerse yourself in the college environment while you learn from US Navy SEALs as well as athletes and coaches from Olympic and professional sport. These two days are designed to give students and coaches the best tools and information to make the best choices for optimizing mental/physical health and performance. Sessions for students, coaches and administrators.

Topic include:

  • Physiology of elite performance – sleep management, nutrition, effects of alcohol/tobacco/other drugs
  • The changing nature of marijuana products
  • Vaping: facts vs fiction
  • The opioid crisis – athletes and opioids; youth opioid risk factors
  • Building resilience and managing stress
  • Creating a culture of championship
  • Teamwork and leadership
  • Communication, conflict resolution, peer intervention
  • Teambuilding physical training
  • How to implement HPP programming in your team or school

Featured Speaker:

  • John Underwood – founder of Life of an Athlete Human Performance Project; former Olympic coach and world champion athlete; human performance consultant to the US Navy SEAL Teams. John will share his deep understanding of training, recovery and lifestyle factors that drive elite performance.
  • Shaun Huls – The Director of High Performance for the Philadelphia Eagles will discuss the human performance optimization strategies he has developed over his career, from coaching US Navy SEALs to winning the 2018 Superbowl.
  • Hunter Church – The youngest member of the USA Bobsled team shares what it took for him to make the journey from small-town high school athlete to qualifying his sled for the Sochi Olympic Games.
  • Brandon Bair – Recently retired NFL player discusses why the quality of one’s character trumps talent and how his ability to make good choices as a teenager allowed him to play for a national championship title in college and for multiple NFL franchises.
  • Applied Performance Sciences – former and current US Navy SEALs discuss the factors that lead to elite physical and mental performance at the individual and organizational levels.

Price includes admission to all sessions, all meals in the OTC dining facility, lodging for two nights and access to the recreational facilities.

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