Applied Performance Sciences (APS) is dedicated to expanding the capacity for performance in human beings at the individual and organizational levels.

Achieving peak performance in any discipline requires a specific set of conditions and a specific type of preparation – physical, mental, behavioral and neurobiological. APS has developed a unique understanding of these conditions and has developed methods for applying them to teams and individuals to maximize performance.

Founded by US Navy SEALs and developed in conjunction with Olympic and professional sport coaches, APS delivers content and training that are applicable to any environment in which peak performance is desired.

About Our Team

Applied Performance Sciences is a team of combat veteran Navy SEALs who are obsessed with the idea of maximizing human performance in all endeavors. Having spent their active duty careers in training and deploying together, the APS team understands what it means to lead, follow and work together to execute a mission – especially when the stakes are high and the conditions adverse.

In an effort to answer the question of what sets elite performers apart from their competition, our team has worked in conjunction with experts from high-performing populations (NFL, NCAA, Olympic sport, Military Special Operations) to examine the factors that lead to peak performance. We use this information to develop customized training curriculum to drive optimum performance for individuals and organizations.

Partners / Advisors

John Underwood

John is the creator of the Life of an Athlete Human Performance Project and was instrumental in designing the Human Performance Program for the US Navy SEAL Teams.  A former NCAA All-American, International-level distance runner and World Masters Champion, John has coached or advised more than two dozen Olympians including World and Olympic Champions. He holds three International Olympic Solidarity diplomas for coaching and has appeared as a guest commentator for ABC Wide World of Sports.  John has served as a human performance advisor to many high level sport federations including the NCAA, NHL, NBA, NFL, the U.S. Olympic Committee, Sport Canada and the International Olympic Committee.

Shaun Huls

Shaun Huls is the Coordinator of Sports Science Performance for the NFL Philadelphia Eagles. He was formerly the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Naval Special Warfare Group Two where he coordinated the strength and conditioning and injury prevention programs for the Navy Seal Teams at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Norfolk, VA. Previously, Shaun served as the Director of Athletic Performance at Hampton University and strength and conditioning coach at the University of Nevada and the University of Nebraska. Shaun has trained numerous pro football and baseball players and also works with elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA fighters, track and field, wrestling, and swimming Olympians.

Select Clients

MSU Blue Ridge Capital Chico Franklin Pierce University Stanislaus
The California State University The Rochester Institute of Technology California Fire Chiefs Association Aliya Piper Jaffray
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