The Human Performance Project

Corporate Groups

Does Your Team Perform Like an Elite Unit?

“Working with APS has been extremely rewarding – they truly personify the spirit of team culture and leadership. They do a great job of adapting their past military experience into helping organizations like ours, and they always go above and beyond what’s asked of them. Their “can-do/never-quit” attitude is infectious and makes you want to be better at everything you do.”

-Doug P., Piper Jaffray & CO.

The science of human performance is not limited to physical endeavors. The same physiological factors that optimize physical performance also drive increased cognitive efficiency. The organizational and behavioral factors that ignite elite performance in sports teams or SWAT teams also translate into elite performance for corporate teams.

The principles of APS’ Human Performance Project are applicable to any organization with the desire to perform at an elite level.

For corporate groups, we offer customized training programs that cover the following key areas:
Physical Organizational Mental
  • CNS Recovery for Cognitive Function
  • Sleep/Stress/Nutrition Management
  • Biofeedback
  • The Impact of Physiology on Leadership Performance
  • Leadership in Elite Teams
  • Leading Under Stress
  • Leadership Coaching
Team Dynamics
  • Creating Team Identity
  • Organizational Structure Assessment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Commitment/Buy-in
  • Physical Team Training
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Communication
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APS in Action

See how human performance science inspires better business

APS works with corporate teams from a broad range of industries to identify and eliminate barriers to individual and team performance. Our corporate programs range from 3-hour topic-specific sessions to multi-day retreats designed to transform team dynamics holistically. Some topic areas include:

  • The physiology of leadership
  • Brain/body connection (biofeedback training)
  • Managing stressors for optimum cognitive function
  • Communication, decision-making and organizational adaptive learning
  • Maximizing organizational structure efficiency

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