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Human Performance Project
Summer Training

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  • date
  • location Hastings Colllege, NE
  • Open to Coaches, students and student athletes at the high school and college level
  • Registration fee Individual: $275

At elite levels of sport, it is not uncommon for “more talented” teams to be defeated by “less talented” teams. Conversely, every day, teams win games that they were not “supposed” to win. Why does this happen and what does it take to be a championship team? In high-level competition, where all athletes are strong and all coaches are capable, victory is rarely determined by talent or playbooks. Championship teams understand that elite performance requires mastery of factors – physiological, behavioral and neurobiological – that are beyond the sport itself.

Choices that are made off the field determine performance on the field. During this training, we will outline these choices and the science behind them, creating a formula for championship performance. We will discuss how to establish a team culture that values this formula and how athletes can hold themselves and each other accountable for it. Separate but simultaneous sessions will be held for coaches.

Training Leaders

Applied Performance Sciences – Former Navy SEALs dedicated to expanding the capacity for performance in human beings at the individual and organizational levels.

Shaun Huls – Nebraska Huskers Alum & Sport Science Coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles

Brandon Bair – Former NFL Defensive Lineman

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